Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Getting back into the swing of things: A stub article

I recently wrote a guest article for Give An Earthly (not as grand a feat as it sounds, as Mamma Earthly is my wife), in which I listed some things I couldn't care less about. In writing that list, I also prepared its opposite, but it didn't really "fit" anywhere in the article. So here's my list of things I couldn't care more about, for completeness:

The centres of my universe
  • Mrs Hippy, my wife
  • Keeping Mrs Hippy happy, sane, and healthy
  • Smellyhippy Jnr., my son
  • Helping Smellyhippy Jnr continue his fantastic recent progress
  • Little Miss Hippy, my daughter
  • Relieving the distress that Little Miss Hippy is going through at the moment
There. That's it. Maybe there's not much point or purpose to this stub, other than as an aide memoir to myself, but then in times of stress we could all do with a short, simple list to remind ourselves of what's truly important to us.

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